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Meet Alexis

Hello my name is Alexis Tsourounakis, among many things I am a first time mom to a baby girl named Kirra. Currently on maternity leave from my day job as an unregistered architect, I have been experiencing the ups and downs that go hand-in-hand with motherhood, all while trying to balance family, friends, and my love of travel.

The first time I left the country I was 22, I went to study abroad in Paris for 6 weeks. It didn’t take long before I was on sensory overload, the culture, the people, the architecture. Within 24 hours I extended my trip 3 months with no plan. It is in Spain where I met my future husband and baby daddy.

For the next 6 years we managed to travel to 18 Countries together all while trying to figure out our international relationship. My partner, originally from Australia, resided in London at the time. We racked up frequent flier miles until we decided to make Australia our home–for now.

Have Baby. Will Travel

When we started our greatest adventure yet,parenthood, never did I think we would have to slow down. Traveling to us is more than just ticking places off our bucket list. It’s a lifestyle which instills the core values in our everyday lives that I hope to pass on to my daughter. Sure, we got a few naysayers, questioning the impact of how going to the top of the pantheon is any different than to the local swing set. But I knew from the beginning I wanted to raise a daughter to be open minded and open hearted in a world full of multiculturalism.

As a duel citizen, Kirra is already well on her way to becoming a child of the world.

Motherhood Is Hard and Amazing All In One

The truth is we have only traveled a portion of Kirras short life. When we are not on the road, the reality of motherhood is quite different. Each milestone is met with a series of transitions that I felt I was completely unprepared for. I struggled to adjust to life as a stay at home mom. My pre-baby “wing it” approach, quickly turned into “wtf am I doing” post-baby.

My own struggles with postpartum only intensified Kirras difficult behaviour. I became DR google, went to every moms group, countless doctors, and scoured the internet, determined to fix my sleepless crying baby.

Even through there were times I didn’t feel good about myself, I came back and remembered all the things I am grateful and the opportunities I have. I found a solid support team that have my back. I surrounded myself with like minded people who pushed me out of my comfort zone. And finally, I accepted myself and this new normal of my life.

Thats when I decided to write down everything that helped me survive the first year. Not only for myself, but for relatable moms. I want to pass on the knowledge I accumulated as a first time mom, because this is the s*** I wish people told me about. This is what matters.

Motherhood is hard and despite the societal stigma, you can travel with a baby

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