It's no secret when stepping out with a baby there's a whole lot of stuff that comes with them. Pram, bibs, bottles, nappies, wipes, spare clothes, entertainment, pacifiers, snacks.. the list goes on.

Living in Australia, nearly every time we want to leave the country we are in for a long haul flight. Efficiently packing all the essentials in a 40-45L carry on bag can be overwhelming.

When manoeuvring through airports the reality of it is, you need your hands free. That is why we recommend in investing in a backpack style diaper bag. My favourite is The Original Fawn Design. It can be worn as a backpack or messenger bag style.

If you forget something DON’T PANIC, many airline have amenity kits. We forgot to stock up on diapers from Athen to Singapore and were given more than enough diapers aboard the flight.

Airplane Packing List

Diaper Essentials

Diapers: Plan enough for your travel time and delays. Don’t use up space in your baggage for extra diapers you can buy at your destination.
Wipes: Similar to diapers, plan enough for travel time and buy at your destination
Changing pad: Buy a small portable one
Diaper Rash Cream: It can’t hurt to have them handy
Change of Clothes: Because blowouts happen to the best of us

Formula & Breastfeeding

Pre-Filled Formula Dispenser: If formula feeding, a dispenser is invaluable. You save so much time measuring out scoops.
Bottles: Bring enough for the duration of the flight
Muslin Swaddle: Perfect for multi-use. From keeping warm, to covering up during feeding, to burping.
Water Bottles Filled With Sterile Water

Feeding & Snack Supplies

Bib: Can be used for burping or meal time
Food: Formula, Breast Milk, Snacks. Keep In a zip lock bag or clear containers. You can also request for a baby meal on some airlines. Request ahead of time

All the rest

Pacifier & Clip: Bring at least one extra, assuming one will fall on the flo
Hand Sanitizer & Wipes: This is a must to keep germs at bay
Travel Sized Sunscreen: Useful in all seasons
Favorite Toy: For Entertainment. Keep in mind sometimes trash is just as entertaining
Baby Carrier: Perfect for having your hands free or helping your baby resettle on the plane
Medicine: Anything that may help with teething

Personal Items

Hand Lotion
Advil or Panadol

So there you have it. If you think there is anything I missed add to the comments below.