If you’re traveling international your baby will need his or her own passport. It can be a bit tricky getting your baby to stay still for a passport photo. For infants (under four months) it is easier to take the photo yourself. Photo regulations can be tough so it is important to know what requirements your baby’s passport have to meet and what you need to do to achieve them.

When I took my daughters photo she was just 7 weeks old. Here are a few tips and tricks to help the process go as smooth as possible when trying to capture that approved shot.

Good To Know

When applying for a passport for children under 16, applicants must apply in person, the child must be present, and the passport is only valid for 5 years. Remember each country has their own regulations and requirements so do your research before.

What you will Need

  • Your Baby
  • White sheet or blanket- No Textures
  • Camera
  • Natural Lighting

Tips for getting that “Perfect” Shot

  • Download a passport photo app and select your country. This will help you frame the shot to meet the photo size requirements.
  • Because of my daughters young age we had a certain awake window to work with. The best time to attempt your baby’s passport photo is right after a feed (if you use the EASY routine) or when they are in a cheerful mood.
  • Choose a space with good natural lighting.
  • If your baby isn’t sitting up properly it is best to lay him or her down on a sheet or blanket with a white or light background.
  • Dress him or her in a neutral color top.
  • Ensure baby is looking straight at the camera with both eyes open and mouth closed. A neutral expression is best. Use a toy that makes sound to grab their attention.
  • Make sure to not use a flash. This can cause shadows around the head.
  • Position yourself so that the camera is parallel with your baby’s face.
  • If you are using a phone camera, use live mode or burst mode so you can take a lot of shots at once.
  • Remember you might not get the right shot on the first go. You can always try again.

Printing a Baby Passport Photo

Once you have taken your passport photo the next step is to print. We actually got turned down with our home printed version. We recommend going to your local print shop or use a photo printing website specifically for passport photos. Getting the correct size is critical.


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