We are all here because a virgin lit a candle 

There is nothing that puts you quite in the mood for Halloween like strolling through the streets of Salem visiting the Hocus Pocus filming locations. The cult classic family comedy follows three witches as they basically want to suck the lives out of children to become young and live forever. Since the 90’s the movie Hocus Pocus has become a Halloween staple in living rooms across America.

So when my sister insisted on driving to Salem just before Halloween, not only was I more than willing to go, but i knew exactly what I was going to do. From the infamous ‘I put a spell on you’ scene to Allison’s and Max’s house, this short self-guiding walking tour is perfect for having a baby in tow. 

Several of the locations are historic and open to the public, but each is sure to give you that spooky worthy photo. 


You can find practically anything from diapers, wipes, and formula. Most Restaurants provide highchairs. Call your accommodation ahead of time to either arrange a cot and mini fridge. Although some streets are cobblestone, prams are easy to use

Old Town Hall

32 Derby Square, Salem 

Famous in the film for Bette Midler’s rendition of “Put a Spell on You,” this is the location of the adult halloween party. Old Town Hall is the earliest surviving municipal structure in Salem dating from 1816. Presently it is used as a public art space. 

Allison’s House

Ropes Mansion, 318 Essex St., Salem

The Ropes Mansion, also known as Alison’ s house is where Max and Dani arrive to trick or trick, but instead find Max’s crush – Allison. This gorgeous historical home built in the late 1720’s is currently operated by the Peabody Museum. There is a public garden behind the house. From there you can see a 12 pane window in the second floor. Legend has it a previous resident who died from third degree burns hunts the house from time to time. A man was pushed down the stairs and several fires have been started in the same room.

Max and Dani’s House 

Private Residence, 4 Ocean Ave., Salem

Finally the last stop is Max and Dani’s house. Located in a quintessentially neighborhood, this house is currently a private residence. Although you cannot tour inside you can take a photo. You cannot walk here from the town but it is about a 10 minute drive. Park along the sea wall, rumor has it the owners are pretty chill about taking photos. A few scenes take place here, including the witches’ kidnapping Dani.

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