1. Batiste Dry Shampoo

Not only does batiste smell amazing, but it will give your hair life, shape and is the easiest solution to having your hair look fresh after having a baby. Don’t worry, you will wash your hair again, but until then this dry shampoo is the perfect addition to your self-care routine.

When to Use: Every other day or when necessary

2. Basic Tank Tops

Breastfeeding clothing is something that a lot of women feel like they need to buy. I assumed societies sigma would force mothers like myself to discretely feed our children under wraps and through strategically designed openings in our clothing. But once I started my journey I just didn’t care to find those secrete holes and slits. I wanted to feed as efficiently and comfortably as possible. All those breastfeeding specific clothing no longer deemed necessary. My already overpriced tops that I only intended to wear for 6 months or so, soon became milk stained. The buttons and clips were difficult to latch while attempting to switch my baby from one breast to the other. Looking for the hole, then watching the loose fabric dangle in my daughter face, I had enough.

One day I started wearing these basic tank tops. I could easily wear them under a shirt, sweater, button up, basically anything, and it was life changing. When it was time to breastfeed, the shirt got lifted and tank pushed down to the side. I could be easily switch sides or stop in a matter of seconds. Plus you can still wear these tanks even when you are no longer breastfeeding.

When to Wear: Everyday

3. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Breast milk is made up of about 90% water. As a busy mom it may be hard to keep track of Β how much water you’re drinking. A good way to make sure you’re getting enough is to have something to drink each time you breastfeed. Keeping a bottle of water to sip while you’re nursing is a sure way to get what you need. You can take this water bottle with you when you are on the go, keep it in your diaper bag, stroller, or beside your bed. Not only does this keep you hydrated and healthy but will also help to maintain your breast milk supply

When to Use: Everyday, especially after during and feeding

4. Slip On Sneakers

Getting tired of tying shoe laces with a baby in tow? As my everyday favourite, these sneakers are stylish, comfortable, and easy to slip on and walk out the door. PerfectΒ for pregnancy and postpartum.

When to Wear: Everyday

5. Picnic Blanket

This handy mat has built in handles and is convenient for when you want to get out of the house, stress free. Long gone are the days when you can sit at restaurants for hours on-end enjoying a meal and ordering that second glass of chardonnay. If I could have only one thing on this list this would be it.

When to Use: When you want to leave the house for a play date or lunch and don’t want to worry about the stresses of your overly active child crawling on the floor or destroying the cafe.

6. No Slip grip clips

Before motherhood I had no concept of me time. Yes there were sleep- in Saturdays, coffee dates with my girlfriends, and some pampering here and there. But nothing could have prepared me for the lack of self-care I was about to endure. No more was there time for showers, washing hair, yet alone blow drying and styling. These clips make it super easy to just grab, throw your hair back and go.

When to Use: Everyday you don’t feel like doing your hair. Best to combine with Batiste Dry ShampooΒ 

7. Reusable Coffee Cup

There are many reasons why moms drink coffee. Sleep deprivation, lack of energy, caffeine dependency, coping with stress, or just trying to increase your iron levels. Either way, having a cup of coffee quickly becomes a morning ritual. Using a reusable cup not only reduces environmental impact, but is the solution for on the go moms. Easy to carry in your diaper bag, these coffee cups come in handy regardless of whether you dine in or carry out. The amount of times my daughter has tried to spill or drink my coffee is unbelievable. Like mother, like daughter.

When to Use: Pack in your diaper bag, or bring along to cafes, or use around the house

8. Apple Watch

For mothers wanting a set of extra hands, an Apple Watch might be what you’re searching for. From helping families become organised, staying connected without pulling your phone out, Β and tracking your fitness levels — the Apple Watch is basically an iPhone with a few extra benefits. Connect Apple Pay to make your life easier at the grocery store, upload your boarding passes when traveling or talk- to-text without having to use your phone. Designed for everyday life, this wrist accessory elevates every parenting game.

When to Use: Wear Daily

9. Spiral Hair Ties

Not having a hair tie when you’re a mother is like running with your hair down or arriving at the gym only to realise you forgot that annoyingly small contraption that yanks your hair back. These spiral hair ties are perfect for on the go mothers with little time for blow-outs, styling, and preventing your little one from ripping your hair out. Rising to popularity an at astronomical rate, coiled spiral hair ties are being touted as more comfortable than your average band. Leaving little to no creases in your hair, these hair ties resemble a scrunchies — but more quirky.

When to Use: Wear Daily

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