The Four Gift Rule

When you have children, especially young children, the concept of buying a lot of gifts for Christmas can be quite overwhelming. I myself have already saved presents from my daughters birthday in September to re-gift, because she just got too many.

So instead of giving traditional presents this year, we are going to try a new four gift strategy.

It’s called Want, Need, Wear, Read.

The idea behind the four gift strategy is to only give your child something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

Each type of gift is a great way to think about what your child really needs.

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The need gift allows us to give our children something they need that might relate to their learning or independence.
holiday gift guide for infants

Age: 0- 18 Months 

This set includes a rattle, your choice of themed block set, and organic balm. 

Handmade in Lennox Head Australia from non-toxic hard woods and sealed with 100% pure organic jojoba and beeswax cream. 

A personalised organic wooden rattle is the perfect first baby toy. Rattles are not just a source of entertainment during play time, but they also help to teach babies new skills to aid in his / her development.  As their fine mother sills develop they will learn to hold, shake, and even bring to their mouth to explore with their tongue. This wooden rattle is perfect for teethers with natural hardwood perfect to help soothe gums. 

holiday gift guide toddlers

Age: 3+

Product is eco-friendly and ethically made. Designed and illustrated in Australia. 

You can choose from Australia animal themed or ocean themed artwork. According to the website, each realistic illustrated print is inspired by the natural world around us in order to create a conversation. 

Memory games are a wonderful gift that grows wth your child. Aimed to enhance cognitive development as they learn and solve problems. Boosting a child’s memory can also improve self-awareness, communication skills, social skills, and self confidence. 


A want gift is something your child would enjoy and use to make them happy but doesn’t necessary need.  When buying for babies try and think of something he or she shows interest in.

Age: Newborn +

You might be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Cuddle + Kind dolls. Cuddle + Kind dolls are beautiful handmade knit dolls that have a wonderful message. For every cuddle+kind doll sold, 10 meals are given to children in need around the world. Safe and non-toxic, the dolls are made with natural high quality cotton yarn and handcrafted by women in Peru. 

Age: Recommended for ages 3+

Designed for traveling tots, the trunk is prefect for your little one to throw all their favourite belongings in. To be used as hand luggage, both parents and children can pull, while also doubling over as the perfect seat to beat the boredom. 


A wear gift is when we take into account our children’s unique sense of style. Anything that can be worn qualifies here.

bitty brah hat hawaii gift guide

Age: 3 months to Adult

Are you in need of a hat for summer? Maybe you would like to twin with your little one. At BITTY BRAH you can find a hat for your baby and yourself. Designed with float technology, waterproof, and easily packable, these hats are perfect for a hot summers day or a day at the beach. Not only is the design innovative, but for every hat sold 10 diapers will be donated.

holiday gifts shoes

Age: 6 months – 4+

When I purchased Attipas shoes at the recommendation of a friend I had no idea around the innovative technology. I would get stopped in the streets to ask about the “shoe-sock” my daughter was wearing.

Easy to put on and great for first time walkers, Attipas shoes are designed to be breathable, non-slip, super light weight and flexible- like wearing a sock. They are easy to clean, easy to put on, and I dont have to worry about my daughter kicking her shoes off.


Read gifts allow us to choose books that either sparkers the interest of our little ones and reading level.

Age: Newborn +

From the moment they hear your voice til when your baby talks about what is happening on each page, Indestructibles grow with your baby. Each book is rip proof. Chew Proof, 100% Washable.  

Because they are built for the way babies read, indestructibles are the perfect books for babies who read with their hands and mouths. Innovative and printed on a unique 100% nontoxic paper like material, indestructibles books are an easy solution for parents to read to their little ones while allowing their little one to follow along and discover each page.

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